About Us


We (my wife & I) became interested in renewable systems in 2006, I have an electronics and basic engineering background, interspersed with a little Social Work, so when we were building a completely off grid wood cabin, I found there were very few mainstream renewable companies and products about and most of those were just beginning development as the oil prices began to rocket. Among the few firms in the UK that were pioneers in renewable energy were Proven & Futurenergy.

It was also the beginning of the surge in solar rooftop installations, where eventually everyone ended up trying to claim feed in tariffs of over 43p per unit! Due to the increasing number of companies setting up at the time in the solar installation "gold rush" field, I felt it was sensible to look at an alternative field of renewable energy, so decided to do a Proven Wind Turbine Installers course, to get a feel for the industry. Also there was a growing interference with the burgeoning renewable energy developers in the UK from our government, which with introduction of their MCS regulations had the effect of killing off a lot of the new innovative start-ups, an extremely short sighted and stupid thing to do to a new prospective wave of technical entrepreneurs that could have been leading the world by now!

Looking at the then crowded market, I felt it would be better to concentrate more on the DIY and hardware component side of the renewable energy market, selling and advising on systems for new builds, various projects and self installation, this turned out to be a fairly wise move, as we are still here all these years later!

We have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Futurenergy, I have always found them to be straightforward and honourable, which is rare nowadays! As such I am pleased to have been involved in their technical support and installers courses as and when required.