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FE 1kW Turbine 2KS33PS (2-KS-33PS / 2KS-33PS) Battery

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NEW! AirForce Turbine Control

Can be retro-fitted to some earlier 24/48v FuturEnergy Turbines AND other similar power turbines that use a 3 phase generator (low voltage 24/48v up to 1.5kW, higher voltage around 200v up to 3.6kW) - email us for details

AirForce Control is a brand-new product designed and manufactured by FuturEnergy. AirForce Control provides unparalleled performance monitoring and automatic system protection for your 3-Phase AC 1kW turbine installation. Included with the AirForce Control is a Davis Anemometer, which provides the system with both wind speed and wind direction information.
Davis Anemometer
The AirForce Control unit is installed within a covered area close to and in series with the manual stop-switch and directly to the batteries or other loads. When charge parameters are met, or other controlled parameters exceeded, the turbine is automatically stopped and restarted when conditions return within operational limits or further battery charging is required.
AirForce Control offers access to a Web-based portal providing remote control & configuration, along with trending of historical performance data for your turbine.
AirForce Control features:
* Provides configurable automatic control of the turbine
* Prevents damage due to turbine overspeed
* Improves system safety, reliability and longevity
* Compatible with 3 phase AC turbine installations and 24V and 48V battery charging installations
* Ability to monitor performance of the wind turbine: Power (W), Energy (Whrs), Wind speed instant (m/s) plus time averaged value, Wind direction (cardinal and ordinal), Battery voltage (Volts), Current (Amps), Turbine speed (rpm)
* Remote monitor capability with WiFi and internet connection
Web Interface
* Configurable automatic stop/start functionality, parameterised on: Maximum battery voltage (turbine stop) with turbine restart voltage, Maximum charge current (turbine stop), Wind speed maximum (turbine stop) and restart value, Turbine restart delay time (seconds)
* Augments manual stop switch
* Maintains battery systems at optimum levels to prolong life. Negates the need for dump loads 

 24 and 48v Immersion Heater   24 and 48 Volt Immersion (Water) Heaters

 Made specially for us  - 1000w @ 24 or 48 volt UK standard copper immersion heater. This can be used in a water heating application in preference to dumping any excess energy from the battery into the air with a standard dump load.  The heating element is approx 13” long and also has a 10.5” copper pocket. This pocket is designed to take normal thermostats, however in a dump load configuration you should not turn off the heater element unless you have an alternative load that comes in to maintain the load on the system. It connects to the tank via a standard UK 2.25” BSP thread, as a direct replacement for the normal Mains Immersion Heater. This product has been specially designed to work with alternative energy water heating applications.

We have a few immersion heaters left, they can be found on

3 Phase Bridge Rectifier

Bridge Rectifier