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 Scott Hydro Turbine

Scott Hydro Electric Turbines (Made in USA)

Scott Hydro Electric Turbine

Visit https://www.scotthydroelectric.com/ for a lot more information


PowerSpout Hydro Turbines






Pelton High Head PowerSpout Models - feeding either a Battery Bank or Grid Tie Inverter

 There are basically 3 Voltage Versions of PowerSpout available, low voltage using PWM controllers for batteries (12/24/48v), high voltage output using MPPT controllers for batteries (12/24/48v) and High Voltage Output for Grid Tie Inverters for either on-grid or off-grid systems.


 This is an example of the standard, Battery Enabled version of the PowerSpout. It must be used with external regulation to prevent overcharging of your batteries. This is our most common product line for remote properties not connected to the national grid. The turbine will generate commonly 48 vdc (12 and 24 vdc also available) and is fed into a battery bank, regulator and inverter system. 120/240 vac is supplied via an inverter to meet the needs of the home. Surplus power is diverted via the regulator to your hot water tank or dump load.

Low Head Powerspout Models


Powerspout Hydro Turbines are made in New Zealand and shipped from there. Prices start a around US$1600, delivery is usually free, but you will be responsible for your Country's import duty/taxes

How to order a PowerSpout

Please follow this simple process to avoid frustration or disappointment.

Please visit https://powerspout.com to view all the latest models and options and to understand what is involved in installation.

No hydro turbine orders will be accepted until all site data is supplied via the Advanced Calculator from your own entered data.

1. Submit complete site data by using PowerSpout's advanced calculator below

2. Contact us at EnergiStar by email or call (UK) +44 1994 448270 initially so that we can help you with any questions you may have. We are able to deliver to most Countries Worldwide


* When you are ready to purchase a PowerSpout, you must share your site data with Energistar. There is a "Save and Share" function at the end of the Advanced Calculator to allow you to do this easily (it allows you to select EnergiStar to receive a copy of your results).