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Please note we are not taking any further orders as we have retired. Our website along with our domain name is available for sale, please contact us if interested. We would like to thank all our customers of the last 15 years for their support, it was much appreciated. We are still available for FREE advice, should you need it! We are leaving the website up and running to give you ideas and information about the various possibilities available for harnessing renewable energy.

I recommend Octopus Energy at this time, as one of the most flexible suppliers of power that don't charge penalties for changing supplier. They are taking on new customers who will share £100 (£50 each) on sign up with this link - - Plus they have one of the best SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) payments levels for exported renewable power.

At EnergiStar, we primarily advise on & supply all the components for on or off grid systems powered from Renewable Energy Sources, from the smallest off-grid cabins, workshops, houses to farms and larger commercial projects, our main customer base are self installers.

We are happy to help you find your way through the Renewable Energy minefield with good solid advice based on our extensive experience. We offer pre and post sales support enabling you to be confident in the system you are buying, we only supply items that we consider to be of Good Quality and Value, having seen their track record over a number of years and would be happy to buy & use personally (for instance nearly all the equipment we sell is currently designed and/or built in the UK, Europe, Japan or United States).

We have supplied components & systems to Self Installers, Hobbyists and Developers throughout the world as well as some of the largest Companies & Establishments, as well as many Country's Universities and Colleges interested in researching renewable energy.

We aim to be extremely competitive and will endeavour to offer the best deals available. We are able to deliver to most Countries WORLDWIDE by Courier - Please email or call +44 (0)1994 448270Studer XTM Inverter

We have extensive experience in providing completely independent battery based Uninterruptible Power Supply systems for off grid customers, that require a reliable supply coupled with our wind/solar/hydro renewable energy products and a backup generator, which can give long periods of silent power subject to the availability of any combination of sunlight, wind, water and a little diesel fuel if and when required.