We Supply High Quality - Pure Sine Wave

Inverter/Chargers provide the benefit of a single unit installation of an inverter with a built in battery charger. All inverter/chargers also include a built in transfer switch, which will automatically switch to inverter power as soon as the AC supply is no longer present.

Most will auto-control a suitable generator and renewable energy source, to give you a completely independent power supply or grid backup supply for peace of mind in the future.

Inverter/Chargers are increasingly popular due to the simple installation and reduced cost compared to separate units.

OutBack 3.0kW, 48V sinewave,40A charger Hybrid inverter  - Click Image to CloseSunny Island 8


This is our current (excuse the pun) recommended High Power 48V Inverter/Charger Series - for reasons of Price, Warranty, Intelligence, Control and ability to be combined with the Sunny/Windy Boy Grid Tie Inverter Range to give a reliable On or Off-Grid Power System

Sunny Island Inverter 6.0H/8.0H 48V 110/140A Charger

Sunny Island Inverter 6 & 8kW (P30) 48V 110A/140A Charger
Max Battery Charging Current: 6.0H 110A / 8.0H 140A
Dimensions: 467 x 612 x 242mm
Weight: 63kg

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