PMGs 1kW & 10kW


1kW Made in UK - High Quality Upgraded/Redesigned Futurenergy Permanent Magnet Generators with German FAG Bearings

Available in 3 Phase AC for 24V/48V Systems (will need rectification for battery charging, see below for rectifier) and 3 Phase High Voltage versions (167v open L/L at 800 RPM) with a wide variety of uses, from wind and water turbines, to fuel-powered generators, we are offering these PMG's to anyone who wishes to adapt them into their own products. Adaptor shown in Photo is an Optional Extra

New High Quality PMG

Technical Drawing
24V PMG Specifications
48V PMG Specifications
High Voltage PMG Specifications

New High Quality PMG

These PMGs were originally designed for wind turbine use (having been in production for over 10 years until this completely new update) and have been optimised for that area, they utilise neodymium magnets and are configured as a 3 phase AC brushless generator, the output will need to be rectified for use. They produce a lot of energy for a small unit of 187 x 83mm (not inc shaft and terminal etc) running at a max of around 800 rpm and have been specifically designed to do so. They normally rely on wind for cooling so that we suggest to people using them in fixed situations to keep an eye on the case temperature and keep it under 100c. - which will lead to a long and reliable life.

 Supplied with 3-Phase power output cables, you will need to rectify the output to produce DC for battery charging and other applications. Our PMG's are not guaranteed for use with your own rectifier solutions, and so we can supply a High Power 1200V 100 Amp 3 Phase Bridge Rectifier for this item. See below.....

Bridge Rectifier





"NEW" 3 Phase High Voltage 10kW PMG
Designed & Made in House by Futurenergy

This is the PMG used in the current cutting edge Futurenergy 10kW Wind Turbine, being made available for anyone wishing to use or develop their own projects.

Rated at 10kW at 100rpm (Inverter connected) at 100% Continuous Duty, 92% Efficiency, IP66
includes auxiliary shaft for disc brake or any control / monitoring or imaginative auxiliary application.

Full Specifications of 10kW PMG

New Futurenergy 10kW PMG (fitting side)

Comparison with the Futurenergy 1kW!

10kW with 1kW (driven side)