Solar Power


Solar PV PanelsGrid-Connected Systems
Residential Solar Power Systems
Public and Industrial Solar Power Systems
Solar Power stations
Roof integrated installation
Facade installation
Special architectural solutions
Stand-Alone Solar Power Systems for Villages in remote areas
Homes and summer cottages
Microwave / Radio repeater stations
Medical facilities in rural areas
Emergency communication
Water quality and environmental data monitoring
Drinking water and livestock water pumping
Small-scale irrigation pumping
Cathodic protection
Aviation obstruction lights
Environmental data monitoring
Railway signals
Street lighting
Small-scale desalination

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All orders will be shipped on pallets (this means that small orders cost the same as large orders for shipping per pallet), orders from some Countries may be declined due to shipping handling & security problems.

Please Note that all shipments must be checked thoroughly upon delivery, once the goods are accepted and signed for, the responsibility for their condition passes to the recipient.