Towers for Wind Turbines

Tilt Down Winchable Towers

Tilting 6-7.5m Galvanized Tower

Tower Base MountingsHigh Quality Galvanized Heavy Duty Winchable Towers 6m (shown above) or 7.5m Suitable for Futurenergy Turbines

Base Post Cast In Concrete Mount

Surface Bracket Mounted (as above)
(Winch Extra)

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FuturEnergy Guyed Tower Kit (TWR01)

Our tower kit is designed to be strong and easy to assembly. With the use of special ground anchors no concrete or foundations are required and the tower can be relocated if required.
Guyed Tower with Turbine The kit comprises of all the components (excluding standard galvanized scaffolding tube*) required to raise your 1 KW FuturEnergy wind turbine (not supplied with the tower kit) to a maximum height of 8 meters. The kit includes Spirafix Ground Anchors that have been specified to meet the required loading capacity calculated from EN-61400 to withstand 50-year maximum wind speeds when installed in most ground conditions**. The kit also includes tube couplings, galvanized wire rope assemblies with tensioners, brackets and full instructions for assembly.

*Galvanized scaffolding tube (48.5mm O/D x 3mm Wall) is available from builders merchants. 2X 3m and 1 X 2m lengths are required for the maximum 8m height.
**Please visit for soil type suitability. Anchor type is 50mm x 750mm long and the required loading per anchor is 3.0 kN.